Shampoo bars and solid shampoo

Great hair and a healthier planet is only one wash away.

Whatever your hair concern might be, we have a product for you! You’ll be amazed at how effective and long-lasting these little bars are, and you’ll love how eco-friendly they are too!

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What is a solid shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are just like liquid shampoo but concentrated and packed into a bar. Ethique has eco-friendly bars for every hair type – from blonde hair, thick hair, curly hair, oily hair, and normal to dry hair, we’ll help you reach your goals with the best shampoo bar for you. Find your shampoo and conditioner match with our hair quiz or check out our best sellers


What does a shampoo bar do?

Ethique plastic free shampoo bars leave your hair feeling refreshed, smooth, and shiny without the plastic waste. Our vegan shampoo bars are carefully crafted with the “melting cast” process that allows us to use the most nourishing, effective ingredients. Our formula is packed full of naturally-derived, scientifically-proven ingredients that really work! 


How to use our shampoo bars?

Are you new to shampoo bars, trying Ethique bars for the first time, or just in need of a refresher? Get the best results out of your bars every use! First, thoroughly wet both your hair and the bar. Then, swipe bar directly onto your head, starting at the roots and running down to the ends of your hair. Set the bar away from the water stream and use your hands to create a lot of luscious lather. Rinse and repeat as needed – and enjoy refreshed, healthy hair. 


Do Ethique shampoo bars contain plastic?

No, there are no plastic micro-plastics, co-polymers or petrochemicals. Shampoo bars have been both present and emerging in the beauty world as a sustainable way to reduce your plastic consumption, while still getting healthy-looking, shiny hair! One bar equals the volume of three plastic bottles of liquid shampoo, while Ethique conditioner bars equate to five plastic bottles of liquid conditioner. Collectively, we've prevented over 33 million plastic bottles from being produced or ending up in landfills. 


Are Ethique bars travel-friendly?

Yes! Now you can bring your haircare with you! Packing your haircare has never been easier – no liquids means no mess, our eco-friendly shampoo bars, body care bars and skin care bars are small and compact.