Conditioner bars

Nourish your hair and replenish the planet!

Our conditioner bars are crafted for different hair needs to deliver healthy-looking, soft strands. And after you’re done, you can even bury the empty box in your plant pot or home compost, where it will return nutrients to the soil as it breaks down!

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Cruelty Free & Vegan Conditioner Bars

Replace five bottles of liquid conditioner with an Ethique conditioner bar.

Our conditioner bars leave your hair feeling soft and silky, exactly the same as your favourite liquid bottled products - just in solid form and without the unnecessary plastic. 


All our conditioner bars are made from plant-based, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and are packaged in home-compostable cardboard.


Using a conditioner bar is as easy as 1, 2, 3. After shampoo, swipe the bar a couple times through the ends of your hair, leaving the product in for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. Pro tip: keep the conditioner bars thoroughly dry between uses, like in one of our storage containers.


Pair our solid conditioner with a matching shampoo bars or haircare bundle.


Find Conditioner Bars Online At Ethique!

Our climate-positive solid conditioner bars are cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil free and made of sustainably-sourced and fairly-traded ingredients. 


Shop online and receive free shipping on orders over $60. All solid conditioners are shipped in a cardboard box, which can be reused or popped into your compost.


Conditioner Bar FAQ’s

How long do conditioner bars last?

Our conditioner bars may seem more expensive from the get go, but they really aren’t. Lasting an average of 80 washes, with many customers saying they last longer, this equates to around $0.25 AUD per wash for a conditioner - awesome! 

How to store conditioner bars?

Keeping solid conditioners dry is the best way to ensure that they last ages. We have compostable in-shower storage containers made for storing a shampoo and conditioner bar. Want to store your bars in other ways? Check out our top tips to keeping your solid conditioner bars dry.

How to use conditioner bars?

Using a solid conditioner bar is as easy. After shampooing, slide the bar over the ends of your hair. Put the bar down and massage the conditioner into your locks. Leave for 1-2 minutes. It’ll feel super lightweight on your locks and even better once you rinse!

What are conditioner bars?

Conditioner bars are solid, undiluted version of their liquid/cream counterparts. Unlike liquid conditioners, our conditioner bars are boxed in a home-compostable cardboardbox, making them a much more eco-friendly option. 

Do conditioner bars work?

Yes! Just like a liquid conditioner, a conditioner bar works just the same. But, unlike your liquid conditioner, conditioner bars are super concentrated and will leave your hair soft and silky. Don’t believe us? We have over 3,600 reviews for you to check out.