Noticed something different? Our fresh new packaging is here!  ​

We're excited to introduce new packaging designs and bar shapes for the very same solid formulations that you know and love. We’ve been busy little bees here at Ethique HQ, working hard to revamp our signature colourful packaging to make it easier than ever to shop our range of plastic-free goodies. 


Why have you changed your packaging?

Because we listen to our customers! We want to make it as seamless as possible for everyone to #giveupthebottle, but we also understand that the search for the right bars can be overwhelming.

We received feedback from our customers that telling bars apart (both on shelves and in their showers) could be a bit of a challenge. We’ve taken this on board, and also want to be as inclusive as possible and account for visual impairments. Our solution? It’s not only our packaging that’s changed – the shapes of some bars have, too! If you look closely, the shape of the bar within each box forms a silhouette across the top corner of each Ethique box.

  • Shampoo bars: remain unchanged in their iconic, practical square shape.
  • Conditioner bars: now a sleek, circular shape. The rounded edges also mean the bar are thicker to remain the same weight, which helps your bar last even longer without breaking.
  • Face cleansers: now fun and functional ergonomic shapes, with two bars in each box. Each trapezoid-shaped half fits beautifully in the palm of your hand for ease of use.

And yes – the minis are reflective of these new shapes too!

Are there any other changes to your products?

No. We’ve kept the same great formulations you know and love.

You may notice that some ingredient lists might look a little different or are listed slightly differently for some products. Please be assured that these changes are merely listing changes to ensure our product packaging is compliant for retail and meets the regulations of multiple regions around the world.

As an example, you may now see CI (colour index) numbers such as CI 77491 (iron oxide) and CI 77007 (ultramarine) listed at the end of ingredient lists. These indicate colourants or colour pigments, and they are components of the mica we use to add colour to some of our bars. Because they are not added ingredients and typically occur in only trace amounts, many regions do not legally require these to be listed. We now list them on the ingredient lists of all our new packaging, per European and UK standards, so our standardised packaging can be used all around the globe with no issues.

Are the products the same size?

Yes! Even though the conditioner bars, face cleansers, and minis have changed shape, all products are the same size as before by weight and offer the same great value as always.

What packaging changes have you made?

We’ve updated the artwork on most of our products. They still have their bright, bold, and beautiful colours, and the products and names remain unchanged. Conditioners and deodorants now have their colour palettes flipped, however – so instead of white text on a colourful background, they have colourful text on a white background. This makes them even more distinguishable from other similar silhouettes on a shelf.

We've also made it easier than ever to find favourites for both yourself and others. Keep an eye out for our new icons on full-sized products:

  • Key ingredient and scent callouts

  • Which hair type or skin type they’re best suited for

  • Average number of uses per bar

  • Number of plastic bottles saved

Our minis and lip balms are also now available in a fresh new hang-sell silhouette.

Why have the minis changed their packaging format?

Our minis used to be available exclusively from our website – directly from us to you. Over the years, many of our retailers and customers around the globe have expressed interest in having them available in stores - and we’ve listened! In order for our minis to be sold by retailers in stores, they are legally required to have information such as full ingredient lists, product descriptions, and usage instructions clearly visible on their packaging. Because our previous mini boxes were too small to fit all these oodles of information on, we’ve had to get creative to give ourselves more real estate to highlight all that our clever little bars have to offer! Moreover, the new hang-sell silhouette allows our retailers more options to get creative with their shelf displays.

All of our product packaging is still the same home-compostable, fully recyclable, sustainable forestry-certified material you know and love. It’ll all break down into nutrients that nourish soil.

What happened to the best before/expiry date?

Instead of best before dates, we now use a PAO (period after opening) logo on our products. The PAO symbol is a graphic symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a product after its package has been opened for the first time. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years.

Whilst all of our products are tested to have a shelf life of at least 36 months from date of manufacture, a PAO is a far better indicator of the duration we recommend using the product by once opened. This is because the vast majority of our products contain little to no water, and hence will not begin to deteriorate until exposed to external factors once opened. The PAO for your product, be it 3M, 6M, or 12M, is the period after opening we’ve determined based on experience and customer feedback that the product will, on average, perform at its best.

What packaging will I be receiving with my order?

Great question! Because individual products move at different rates, you will begin to see the new-look packaging and bar shapes on some products before others. If you have a question about a specific product, please reach out to one of our Miracle Workers via

Please note: we cannot accept requests for a specific type of packaging as what you receive depends on availability.