Eco Friendly Leave In Conditioner: Dual-Use Luxury

Eco Friendly Leave In Conditioner: Dual-Use Luxury

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We love multi-purpose products, for a multitude (hah) of reasons.

  • They’re easier on your wallet, as you only need to buy one thing, versus three.
  • They’re easier on the planet, as we only need to use the resources to make one thing, versus three.
  • There is less waste, as there is only one piece of packaging to dispose of (or compost) at the end.
  • And frankly, there are an awful lot of products out there that really don’t need to exist, because existing products do exactly the same thing, but have something different written on the label.

For example, a shampoo bar will work absolutely beautifully as a bodywash (though the other way round is not true as our foaming bodywash bars are soap (read more about that here). Conditioner bars are amazing in-shower moisturisers and make a great shaving balm. Saving Face is not only a fab face serum, but also lip balm, hair styling serum and cuticle balm too.

Fun fact: One of the checks a product goes through in our R&D process is that it must well and truly have a need, and ideally fulfil more than one use.

Curliosity can be used as a solid conditioner bar, leave-in conditioner, and a deep treatment.

How to use Curliosity as a leave in conditioner

But what is a leave-in conditioner? It's a product designed to be left in the hair to allow for conditioning after the shower. A miracle worker for those with very dry, curly or thick hair. Leave in conditioners help with detangling, styling, moisturising and give you an overall shiny glossy hair. Despite what you may read online, when it comes to Ethique conditioners and leave-in conditioners, you don't need two separate products! Any of our conditioners can double as leave-in conditioners. The key is to not use too much, a little bit goes a long way. Read our top tips below:

How to use a conditioner bar as a leave-in conditioner

  1. Once your hair is wet, shampooed, conditioned and you are about ready to step out of the shower, grab your bar and wet it.
  2. Slide it briefly down your ends once or twice (seriously, do not use a lot - it’s concentrated).
  3. Pop the bar down, then gently massage it around into your hair, with really wet hands. Using a bit of water is key to this working beautifully as Curliosity is of course, water-free.
  4. Step out of the shower, dry your hair as normal and voila – leave-in conditioner.

How to use a conditioner bar as a deep treatment

As Curliosity is waterless, you do need to do this treatment on wet hair, unlike some others. That makes no difference to its efficaciousness.

  1. Slide the bar from root to tip a fair few times, making sure you have a generous amount of product in your hair.
  2. Using wet hands and a little bit of water if necessary, really massage the product into your hair, concentrating on those drier ends.
  3. You can then pop a silk cap on, or leave as is and just let it penetrate your hair shaft for an hour or so. You could do overnight if you wanted, but really after an hour any further benefit is negligible.
  4. Rinse it off (with lots of warm water) before you go to bed and wake up to beautifully shiny, soft hair.

So there you go. Four uses, one product.

(Also, yes just like our other conditioners you can also use it as an in-shower moisturiser and shaving bar.)