Around a quarter of the world’s population is currently estimated to be under some form of isolation or social distancing policy. With school closures, many parents are having to find new ideas daily to keep their children engaged and entertained.

To support parents who want to continue their child’s education about the environment and how to protect it, we have created our very own ‘Environmental Studies’ module that parents can download and work through with their children during hibernation to supplement other lessons and exercises.

The module contains five worksheets, designed to teach kids about climate change and sustainability in a fun and informative way. Each worksheet is designed to appeal to a different age group, from the ages of 4 to 12, and focuses on a specific topic such as composting, ocean life and the planet’s different biomes.

My Favourite Place art exercise (ages 4 - 6)
In this exercise, Ethique ask younger children what they love about their local area, they show them that the ’environment’ isn’t just far away rainforests and oceans –it’s their hometown too.
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle exercise (ages ~7 -8)
This factsheet and exercise is designed to help children understand which bin is right for which item and encourage them to compost or recycle as much as possible.

Our Oceans word search (ages ~7 -10)
This word search teaches children about our oceans and some of the fantastic creatures that live in them and their ecosystems, and what happens if pollution enters the oceans.
Matching biomes exercise (ages 10+)
This is activity teaches children what the ecosystem is, how they fit into biomes and which areas of the planet fall into which category of biome.
Writing to persuade exercise (ages 10+)
This exercise encourages older kids to practice writing a persuasive letter or speech about an environmental issue.

How to build a bug hotel (ages 5+)
This fun activity teaches children about wildlife and insects by creating a safe home for them.
Guide for Parents
For parents too, we have a guide to help here.