Eco Friendly Gifts: 7 Low-Impact Gifting Tips

Eco Friendly Gifts: 7 Low-Impact Gifting Tips

Whether it's something you already have, not your style, or not your size, you’ve probably received a holiday gift that you didn’t actually want at some point in your life. You may have even ended up putting it in the back of a cupboard, or worse, throwing it away 🙁

I think we can all agree that holiday waste is... snow joke.

The great news is that low-impact gifting isn’t rocket science.

So, if you’re ready to feel lighter about the impact that your gifts will have on the planet this holiday season, here are our top tips for low-impact gifts that will make everyone and the planet holly and jolly 🎄

Ethique Low-impact Gift Guide

Tip #1: Let’s not complicate gifting — just ask what they want

The best way to make sure the gift you are giving doesn't end up in the landfill (or the cupboard) is to ask the person what they need or want. This way you ensure the gift will be used and loved for a long time.

Pro tip: Include the gift receipt.

We’re sure you are an excellent gift giver, but sometimes even when we know what the person wants, the present you pick might not be the perfect match. We’re big fans of adding gift receipts with any pressies for this exact reason.

Tip #2: Regifting

This may be a little faux pas, but if you have something that you have never opened or simply aren’t using anymore and it's in wonderful condition, why not regift it?

The key here, of course, is to make sure it’s in good condition and that the person you’re gifting it to will actually like it.

Finding something you already own at home saves you time, money, and keeps more items out of landfill. That’s a win, win, win!

Tip #3 A plant lover's dream: propagation station

House plants are all the rage and I’m sure that you have at least a few. Instead of trimming back those little baby plants that pop up, simply clip them off and stick them in some water to let them root.

Then once they have rooted, take a pot, glass jar or bowl you already own, add soil and pot the plant.

Pro tip: If you are feeling extra festive, personalise the pot with painted designs or tie a ribbon (reused, of course) around to wrap it up.

Ethique Low-impact gift guide

Tip #4 You can’t go wrong with baked goods

In my humble opinion, one of the best parts of the holiday season is all the freshly baked cookies, cakes and desserts.

Whip up your special recipes with love and we're sure that your friends and family won’t miss the candle you buy them every year because their bellies will be full of cookies and holiday cheer instead.

Juuuust make sure to find out any dietary restrictions before you begin baking up a storm.

Ethique Low-impact Gift Guide

Tip #5 Help them be more eco-friendly

If your friends and family are interested in starting the journey to lower their impact on the planet, there are plenty of gifts out there that will help.

For beginners, we recommend a reusable water bottle, coffee mugs, food storage containers, bags or, loose tea and a steeper.

These are all very easy ,plastic-free swaps to single-use items we use every day.

For intermediates, we suggest a compost bin for their counter. Composting helps to reduce methane gas emitted from rotting food.

Ethique Low-impact Gift Guide

Tip #6 Gift a bike

Looking for a bigger gift? If your friend or family member is interested in lowering their emissions (and getting a workout in along the way), a bike is a great gift! Check out platforms like TradeMe or Ebay for pre-loved options that help the planet and your wallet.

Another low-impact pressie idea that can help someone get from point A to B, is to purchase a public transportation pass to help reduce their car use. 

Tip #7 Donate your gift allowance

There are always people and animals out there that need our help.

You can combine the money that you and your family or friends would’ve spent on gifts this year and donate it. Contact your local community centre or non-profit organisations, they are sure to have programs during the holiday season for you to help other community members in need. 

We hope that you have a Happy Holiday and get to enjoy all of the “presence” of the ones you love.

Warm wishes, Team Ethique 💚